Do you take my insurance?

faq Sep 04, 2019

We are in-network with most PPO plans and will verify your insurance. It is important to remember that dental insurance has not changed much over the last five decades, and many plans still have yearly maximums as well as limits as to what is covered.

We believe that your oral health should be a decision made between you and your dentist, and we will always give you all your treatment options so you can make the best decision for your long-term health, regardless of your insurance plan. That being said, we work closely with many PPO insurance companies to maximize your benefits. We can also help you navigate the often confusing world of dental insurance. Should your insurance company require any additional information such as periodontal charting, narratives, or X-rays, we will send those in for you.

Before your treatment, we can go over your care plan and what expenses you can expect so you can plan it into your budget. When you do incur out-of-pocket expenses, we offer flexible payment options so your care is convenient and affordable.

If you ever have questions about the cost of your treatment, your benefits, or anything about your experience here in our office, we encourage you to call us. We strive to make your dentistry a great value and something you feel confident in choosing for your health.

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