Are you accepting new patients?

faq Sep 04, 2019

We currently welcome new patients of all ages and value the relationship we have with the families in our community. By developing a long-term relationship with our patients, we are able to provide the best dental care available. As we get to know you, we can learn more about your oral health and your overall health so we can address your needs on an individual basis in a way that makes sense for your long-term wellness.

We welcome patients of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, making it easy for your entire family to get the care they need!

Starting your children off with an effective preventive oral health plan gives them a great head start on the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles. As our patients age, we adjust their care to meet their changing needs. From children and teens to adults and seniors, we customize your treatment based on your changing medical health.

It is especially important for people going through changes in life – such as pregnancy, menopause, or systemic conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, and respiratory illnesses to seek dental care on a regular basis. Your oral health is part of your overall health!

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