Root Canal

Getting Back to Your Roots

We can only guess that when you hear the term “root canal,” you cringe. Well, think nothing of it. Root canals are not at all what they used to be. Continual advancements in dental technology have made the root canal a more simplified and rather painless procedure. At our Tippit Dental locations in Memorial, Cypress, Brenham, and Bellville, our dentists have all you need for a thorough, yet easy-going root canal procedure.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

As with all treatment at Tippit Dental Group, we will make sure you are completely comfortable before we begin. In order to remove the infection from your tooth, we will need to create a small access canal into your tooth. We will use the latest rotary equipment to gently and completely remove all signs of infection and any diseased tissue.

Our dentist will then sterilize the area and fill it with a rubber-like material. We will add medication to encourage healing and seal the temporary access canal into your tooth.

Once we complete your procedure, your body’s immune system will take over and you can expect to have gradual improvement each day until you feel completely better in about a week. While some sensitivity is normal after a root canal, it should gradually get better and subside over the days following your procedure.

Post-Root Canal Treatment

In a couple of weeks, we will ask you back into the office so that we can take a follow-up x-ray and monitor your healing. At this time, we will also recommend a permanent restoration to protect your tooth for the long-term.

In most cases, we will recommend a dental crown because it adds stability and prolong the life of your tooth by decades. Since root canal teeth tend to break more easily, a dental crown is usually the best option.

Why It’s Necessary to Save Your Tooth

You may think that these efforts seem extreme in order to save one natural tooth.

The truth is, a root canal and crown are often the least expensive, least invasive, and easiest way to protect your smile. We avoid extracting healthy teeth whenever possible because losing a tooth creates a chain reaction of dental issues. Tooth loss can lead to bone loss and shifting in your remaining teeth. When your teeth shift toward the gap in your smile, it can destroy your bite, create pain in the jaw, and even cause additional tooth loss.

At Tippit Dental Group, we strive to protect your smile and keep it as healthy as possible using a conservative approach to dentistry.

Root for Your Home Teeth!

If you need a root canal, or think you might, go ahead and schedule an appointment to come see us. We hope to see you soon no matter what your dental needs are.