A Dental Team Retreat to FIGHT About

Tippit Dental Group Feb 05, 2020

When you put “fight” and “retreat” together, it feels like an oxymoron. But when we put those two words together for our 2020 Tippit Dental Group team retreat, there was nothing contradictory about it.

We held our FIGHT Retreat this past January with the team members from all four dental offices. The event was held at Urban Air in Cypress and was conducted by LionSpeak, a communications coaching company. As with everything we do, we like to have fun (hence the location of the retreat) and throw in a good amount of humor. The FIGHT idea originated from the acronym that represents our company values.

F - Family. I - Improvement. G - Get Stuff Done. H - Health. T - Teamwork.

To match the word, we went with a theme that matched perfectly: Rocky. As in Rocky Balboa. The Italian Stallion. Yo, Adrian. You get the picture. And speaking of picture, we decided to have our marketing team create a video and t-shirts in that same vein.


Our t-shirts came out awesome. Look at how similar our shirts are to the cover of the Rocky Balboa movie (sixth installment of the franchise).

Check out this hilarious video with our fearless leader, Dr. Trey Tippit, taking on the role of Rocky...or Trey...or...Trocky?


Our attention then turned to the communication specialists of LionSpeak. The ultimate goal of the retreat was for our teams to learn how to better serve and communicate with each other and our patients. The LionSpeak speakers, Katherine Eitel Belt and Kelly Case, guided our teams through various efficient and effective methods to communicating. We truly believe that all four of our teams walked away highly motivated, highly informed, and fully prepared for the new year.


At the end of our two-day retreat, our team members had the opportunity to compete against each other in the obstacle courses. These were some hilarious moments. We will be posting videos of those moments on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You won’t want to miss those. If you learn anything from those videos, it will be that you don’t mess with Dr. Shimek.

As always, Tippit Dental Group is always working to find better ways to serve you. If you’ve never come by one of our four dental offices, located in Memorial, Cypress, Bellville and Brenham, then be sure to swing by. We’d love the opportunity to take care of you and your family’s dental health.

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