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Will I owe anything at my appointment?

At Tippit Dental Group, we are up front with your dental costs because no one likes surprises when it comes to money!

We will provide you with a treatment plan and the expected cost so that you can plan ahead. For your convenience, we verify your insurance prior to your appointment so you will know if you have any out-of-pocket expense, what your insurance will cover, and the balance due once your treatment is complete.

Insurance companies can help reduce the cost of dental care but sometimes they do not cover 100 percent of your treatment. In those cases, we have convenient payment options to make paying for your care convenient and affordable. We value the trust you have placed in us and will always answer any questions you have regarding your dental treatment and the associated costs. 

Sometimes, when we start treatment, we may find that we need to adjust your treatment plan. If this happens, we will let you know right away.

We hope that you find the dental care you receive in our three locations is a great value. We take pride in the work we do and believe in providing great dentistry at an affordable and fair price.

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