Dental X-Rays

Your enamel is the hardest substance in your body, making it strong enough to last a lifetime. Most of us, however, will face the inevitable cavity or two during our lifetimes.

Many cavities are visible with the naked eye, but some are not and require x-ray technology to properly diagnose. The earlier we diagnose a cavity, the faster we can stop it and protect your tooth.

Prevention and Early Diagnosis

At Tippit Dental Group, we focus on prevention, early diagnosis, and the best treatment for our patients. One way we do this is by recommending regular dental exams and dental cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy. For most patients, that means a trip to one of our three locations about every six months. If you have a history of decay or gum disease, we may recommend more frequent visits.

We also take regular dental x-rays to effectively identify conditions like decay and bone loss before they cause bigger problems such as infections or tooth loss.

Digital Dental X-Rays

We believe in safety for our patients. By using digital dental x-ray technology, we are able to reduce radiation exposure by up to 90 percent. This dramatic reduction makes dental x-rays one of the safest types of x-rays in medicine today, while providing us with the highest resolution images available.

If you want to keep your natural teeth, or protect the ones you still have, digital dental x-rays are a good investment in the future of your oral health.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

In addition to the reduction in radiation exposure, digital dental x-rays have numerous benefits including:

Instant access – Once we take a digital x-ray, it appears instantly on our treatment room monitor. This makes it easier for our dentists to quickly diagnose your condition without the hassle of dark room development.

High-resolution images – Much like your digital camera, your dental x-ray will give us a high-resolution image that our dentists can zoom in on, adjust brightness or contrast, and even add color technology for a better view.

Easy comparison – If one of our dentists notices a change in your oral health, they can quickly compare your digital x-ray to previous images to compare changes and make accurate recommendations for treatment. This is especially useful for conditions such as bone loss and root resorption.

Going green – Rather than having to dispose of toxic darkroom chemicals, digital dental x-rays provide instant images without the need to develop film, making them safer for our environment.

It Sort of Like X-Ray Vision!

Don’t procrastinate on taking care of your oral health. We want to make sure you and your whole family are healthy for the future. Contact us today and schedule your appointment.