Dental Implants

A New Chance at Teeth

The history of the dental implant can technically be dated back to thousands of years ago, but those ancient dental procedures were probably pretty suspect. In modern times, however, the dental implant has been a revolutionary part of dentistry.

For so many patients who have lost teeth due to decay, injury or genetics, the option of a dental implant offers a new chance at teeth.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant mimics your natural tooth in both structure and appearance. Designed using biocompatible titanium, they actually integrate with your natural bone to provide added stability for your dental crown.

Implants consist of three parts: the implant screw, abutment, and custom crown. The implant is the post that replaces your tooth’s root and integrates with your bone. It can help prevent bone loss that often occurs with tooth loss.

The implant abutment attaches to your dental implant and provides a base for your dental crown. Each abutment is chosen specifically to fit your implant and crown perfectly, so you never have to worry about your implant rocking.

Your custom crown is a unique creation designed just for you. We match it to the color, size, and shape of your tooth so that it matches your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have numerous health, lifestyle, and cosmetic benefits. In addition to preventing the bone loss mentioned above, dental implants keep your natural teeth from drifting toward the gap in your smile. This helps to maintain the comfort and function of your bite.

Because dental implants provide stability, you do not need to restrict your diet in any way. You can eat the healthy foods you love, including crunchy fruits and vegetables. A balanced, nutritious diet is essential to overall wellness!

Esthetically, dental implants provide exceptional results. Even when you smile, no one will notice you have a dental implant because each crown is a small work of art designed just for you.

You can care for your dental implants in the same way you care for your natural teeth.

Implant-Retained Dentistry

If you have dentures, partial dentures, or a dental bridge, we can use dental implants to give you added stability. Dental implants can allow you to have a bridge with additional support and also keep your dentures from moving when you eat or speak.

If you have dentures that move, you are probably limited in your diet and in how freely you laugh and smile. Dental implants provide a solution!

Implant a Better Smile!

If you are missing a tooth or several teeth, then you should consider receiving a dental implant. As we mentioned before, they typically last the lifetime of the patient and they look and function exactly like a natural tooth.