Dental Exams

Discovering the Health of Every Mouth

Every mouth is different, and every tooth in each mouth is different. We don’t simply mean the shape and size, but also the health. This is why each and every tooth should be thoroughly examined, which is exactly what our dentists and dental hygienists do. Along with each tooth, the health of the gums is checked to ensure periodontal disease is not a threat.

During a dental examination, our dental hygienist will check teeth for cavities, weakened areas of the teeth (like places that have chipped), and along the gumline. After this thorough exam, our dentist will make recommendations on how to best continue keeping your teeth healthy or what needs to be done in order to get your teeth and gums back to being healthy.

The Benefits of the Dental Exam

An oral examination is conducted in order to catch issues before they become problems. Catching a cavity before it grows and expands across and deeper into the tooth can save you a lot of pain and money. Pain because the cavity will be removed before it reaches any nerve-endings. Money because a dental filling is much less expensive than a root canal or a dental crown.

When to Receive an Oral Exam

Often an oral exam coincides with a dental cleaning, which is conducted every six months. Along with brushing twice per day and flossing every day, you should undergo a dental cleaning and oral exam every six months. This will help ensure that you are doing everything necessary to keep your mouth in the best condition possible.

We recommend that you keep your teeth with a slight sense of vigilance. This means making certain your teeth and gums are healthy.

Get Those Teeth Checked!

Keep in mind that your oral health can impact your overall health. So give us a call and set up your dental exam with our dental hygienist. Your mouth will thank you every time you say “thank you.”