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Technology can make your dental treatment more precise, comfortable, and efficient. When we discover technology that has evidence-based results and can improve the care we provide to our patients, we introduce it into our office.

Here are some of the latest dental technologies we feature.

3-D Cone Beam Imaging

3-D cone beam imaging can provide us with the most accurate images in order to give you great treatment results, particularly if you are getting dental implants, bone grafting, or TMJ treatment or you are having a surgical procedures.

Using 3-D images, we can plan your treatment before we begin. Some treatment choices allowed with cone beam imagine include:  

  • Choosing the ideal location for your dental implant by analyzing your bone density, sinus locations, and the precise location of your other teeth
  • Planning your extractions or other oral surgery before we begin treatment
  • Viewing the jaw joints to identify any TMJ disorders that exist

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Why wait weeks for a dental crown when you can have your permanent restoration in one day at one of our three Houston area locations?

We use CEREC CAD/CAM technology to create same-day restorations that are strong and highly esthetic in one appointment, while you wait. Each CEREC restoration is a custom creation designed to match your smile. CEREC crowns and restorations are long-lasting and have a precise fit for lasting function and comfort.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital x-rays provide the highest resolution dental images available. We use digital sensors to capture images of your individual teeth from root to chewing surface (periapical images) or for groups of teeth to detect cavities (bitewings). At Tippit Dental Group, we also feature 3-D cone beam technology to accurately plan for dental implant placement, surgeries, and TMJ therapies.

Digital dental x-rays are up to 90 percent lower in radiation than traditional film x-rays, are better for the environment, and give us instant results.

Digital Impressions

If you hate sticky, gooey impression material, you are not alone! At Tippit Dental Group, we use digital scan technology to take digital impressions when creating your dental restorations. Digital impressions are easier on our patients and also provide greater accuracy without the goop that can gag some patients. Call us to learn more about how digital impressions are used to create highly esthetic, durable restorations in our Houston dental offices.

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