Crowns and Bridges

Our teeth work hard for us every day, so it is no surprise that sometimes they sustain damage. Biting into something unexpectedly or suffering from a clenching and grinding habit can cause damage to your teeth.

At Tippit Dental Group, we strive to save your natural teeth whenever possible. In most cases, it is the best and most economical way to protect your smile.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a restoration designed to protect a tooth that has sustained structural damage from a crack, decay, or trauma. It completely covers your tooth like a protective helmet. Both Dr. Tip Tippit and Dr. Trey Tippit design restorations to match your natural teeth, whenever possible, so your smile has a seamless appearance.

We will remove all damaged tooth structure before taking a digital impression to create your crown using CEREC technology. The finished product will have natural translucence and shading, making it highly esthetic as well as strong.

We will attach your permanent crown to your tooth and make final precise adjustments to ensure a proper fit. Caring for your crown is essential to ensuring its longevity. Brushing, flossing, and keeping your regular dental cleanings is the best insurance for your dentistry.

It is also essential to wear your nightguard, if it is recommended. Clenching and grinding your teeth can damage a crown, just like your natural teeth. Taking care of your restorations will extend their function and appearance.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Occasionally, we cannot save a tooth because it is too damaged. In that case, the best thing we can do is to remove your troubled tooth and provide you with tooth replacement options. 

For patients who either cannot have dental implants or want another option, we offer fixed dental bridges. A dental bridge “bridges” the gap in your smile by suspending an artificial tooth between two adjacent crowns. By opting for a dental bridge, you can keep your remaining teeth from drifting toward the gap in your smile and affecting the integrity of your bite.

Caring for your dental bridge is important, and they do require some additional attention. In addition to brushing, flossing, and wearing your nightguard as recommended, you will need to keep the area beneath your artificial tooth clean to avoid gum disease and decay on your adjacent teeth. 

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